Wednesday, March 23, 2016

New Website Address

Please check out our new website at for updates on Green Elk Rapids Days 2016.

Thank you!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Thank you!

Many thanks to all of you who attended our events and supported our efforts in 2015.

Please check back soon for more details for our 2016 calendar.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Wings of Wonder Event July 25

The Wings of Wonder organization will visit Elk Rapids on Saturday, July 25, at 10:30 a.m., in Lauren's Grove at River and Cedar streets, on the river bank. Rebecca Lessasrd and her raptor ambassadors offer presentations to foster appreciation, understanding  honor, and respect for raptors and the important role these birds play in healthy ecosystems. The community is cordially invited to attend.  

For more information on Wings of Wonder, click here.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

2015 Trashformations Winners

Congratulations to the 2015 Trashformations winners and thank you everyone who participated! Here are the winners:

Winners 2015 Trashformations
Judging provided by members of the Village Council.

First place: Charles Cianfarani, “Transformation”
(Grandson of Amanda Brink)
Prize: Paddlebuoy, donated by the Paddlebuoy company

Second Place: Sandra Giordani, “Nature’s Window”
Prize: A cruise for two people on the Inland Seas schooner, donated by the Inland Seas Education Association

Hairport Salon & Spa, “Styling in the Future”
Prize: Pontoon Boat Ride on the Grass River, donated by the Grass River Natural Area 

School Groups
1st. Lakeland Elementary Student Council, “Trash Class”
Prize: Village Market Gift Certificate, donated by The W Group

2nd Place Tie
Sunrise Academy, “Windy City”
Elk Rapids HS sporting event tickets, donated by Elk Rapids High School

Mill Creek Elementary 5th Grade

Cruise for two on the Grand Traverse Baykeeper Tugboat, donated by the Watershed Center

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Trashformations 2015 - Now on Display!

Green Elk Rapids’ Trashformations on Display May 9-18
Creative recycling and repurposing is on display throughout the village in the Green Elk Rapids’ 2015 Trashformations Exhibit. Over 20 creations can be found in business windows along River Street, the yards of village homes, at Mill Creek and Lakeland Elementary Schools, Sunrise Academy, Elk Rapids High School and other locations.
A map showing the locations of all Trashformations is available online at
Many of the entrants took this year’s theme, “wind energy,” to heart with a variety of creative interpretations. Members of the Village Council will serve as judges; winners will be announced during a special Village Council Meeting on May 18th at 6:30 pm at the Historic Elk Rapids Town Hall, 401 River Street.
The evening’s program will also include a presentation by nationally-renowned naturalist and bird habitat expert Doug Tallamy, “Saving the Environment, One Backyard at a Time.”

Trashformation Entries for Green Elk Rapids 2015
“Tiffany’s Treasures” by Patty Sutter at 145 River Street (Princess & The Pea)
“Kids Day Off” by Kids of Better Yards & Gardens and Lawns Unlimited, at the Boardwalk Sitting Garden
 “Nature’s Window” by Sandra Giordani, 123 River Street (Hufford Vision & Eye Care)
“Drumming in the Wind” by Howard and Dianne Richter, 708 Ottawa Street
“Pillow Power” by Charlie, Kate & Liam Wolschon, 126 River Street (Then & Now)
“Queen of the Wind, ‘Mariah’” by Royce Ragland, 607 Ottawa Street
“Franklin’s Folly” by the Stauffer/Witte Team, 211 River Street (twg studio)
“Summer Wind” by Lauren Barnes (student), 125 River Street (A Summer Place)
“Transformations” by Charles Cianfarani (student), 125 River Street (A Summer Place)
"Let 'er Blow" by Tom Gotts, 120 Traverse Street (in east side yard, view from street)
"In Honor of Trashformations" by anonymous Chicago artist, displayed by Terri Reisig at 613 Ottawa Street

“Aveda Windpower at the Beehive” by The Beehive Salon, 204 Traverse Street
“Styling in the Future” by Hairport Salon & Spa, 404 Bridge Street                                                                 
 “Cellar 152 Recycles” by Cellar 152, 152 River Street
“Short’s Creation” by Short’s Brewing Company, 211 industrial Park Dr.
“Bloom Where You are Planted” by Kym’s Photo-Kopies and More, 108 First Street
“Critters” by Then & Now, 126 River Street
“Repurposed Picnic” by Cedar Creek Interiors, 212 River Street

“Garden of Windmills” by the Story Hour Group, 401 River Street (Historic Town Hall)

“Windy City” by Sunrise Academy at 95 Lake Street
“Being Green's a Breeze” by Fifth Graders at Mill Creek Elementary, 9039 Old M-72 (surrounding pond and garden)
“Trash Class” by Lakeland Elementary students, 616 Buckley Street (in front of school)

Wind Creations by Amy Muzzarelli’s HS Science Students, ERHS Main Hallway and 124 River Street (The Place)

For a map of all GreenER trash formation and event locations, click HERE